Monday, September 15, 2014

Go ahead baby, go ahead, go ahead and light up the town! (The Rolling Stones)

Surprisingly, after 31 years of teaching and management positions, I find myself as a dean in charge of a year group.

Yeah, I know, I know (as Graham Norton would say). Woah Nelly - what happened?

Well the current year dean has resigned, leaving four weeks next term that need filling. I agreed to do it. Simple huh?

Well, not really. You see the deaning structure at school is horizontal, so I will be Year 12 Dean for next term: effectively four weeks until the seniors go on exam leave. "Yeah - so?" I hear you (who don't read my blog regularly) ask.

I like vertical, remember? Not horizontal. I would be happy(ier) with a vertical House Dean position but not horizontal. So a dilly of a pickle that I can handle for a term but not longer than that.

Why has it taken 31 years to get into a year Dean position?

It hasn't really been deliberate - rather than a pastoral care route, I moved into English department management, Boarding School management, and then senior management. Some would say being Senior Housemaster at Mt. Albert Grammar's School House was very pastoral and they would be right but looking after the hundred boys' in a hostel was not horizontal, or restricted in any way.

I was responsible for their academic progress, their day to day living and their discipline. It was an autonomous role that I really enjoyed. Autonomous in the sense that I was left alone to get on with it.

I'm hoping I can say the same by the end of next term. Certainly, being responsible for 50 Year 12 girls will provide some comparisons.

The other thing about it, is that some reinvention is never a bad thing for me. I've been following my bliss with teaching since I was 12 years old and being on that pathway has lead to some amazing places so far, so, I trust in my instincts that this is a worthwhile diversion.

Time will tell.

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