Sunday, July 19, 2020

This dream can pass just as fast as lightning - oh Cindy incidentally, baby I ain't putting you on (Faces)

Watching my grandson (aged 15 months) go about his daily learning is fascinating!

A lot of his time is deeply involved in incidental learning*. 

To wit: He was carrying around a clothes peg which my daughter fixed to his jersey. He tried to get it off - couldn't.

She unclasped it and gave it to me. I put it on the table within his reach. He grabbed it and tried to replicate what he'd just seen my daughter do on his jersey. 

Fantastic. Incidental learning! Big fan!!

* Incidental learning is unplanned or unintentional learning. It may occur while carrying out an activity that is seemingly unrelated to what is learned. 

For many people, mobile devices have been integrated into their daily lives, providing many opportunities for technology-supported incidental learning. Unlike formal education, incidental learning is not led by a teacher, nor does it follow a structured curriculum, or result in formal certification.

However, it may trigger self-reflection and this could be used to encourage learners to reconceive what could otherwise be isolated learning fragments as part of more coherent and longer-termm learning journeys.

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