Sunday, November 8, 2015

Shout, shout... I'm talking to you! (Tears For Fears)

Super excited about the 'new' Beatles version of ONE. Picture me watching the DVD as you read this latest five things I've bookmarked and now want to delete list!

1 Woodford House

Mrs P shouts the Year 13s a soft serve cone

Let's start this edition with a celebration of the wonderful place where I ply my trade. Groovylicious baby!!

2 Dan Rockwell
Writing as Leadership Freak, Dan is an amazing blogger. he posts every day and has more hits than misses. Here he is on seven ways to make team meetings work.

3 On line courses
Here's a great link to 37 on line courses. Coding features but there is so much stuff here. So - what are you waiting for? Go learn something! 

4 Medium - writing
One of those things you should be doing (yes - you!) is writing!! Let help you.

5 End of year
I wish I'd seen this bookmark earlier - a great activity for the end of year with seniors!

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