Thursday, October 16, 2014

I'm tied to him, or him to me, depending who you ask (Phish)

The more I delve into the nether regions of twitter's interweb universe the weirder it becomes. 

People I want to follow like, say, Arsene Wenger, have a number of parody accounts which is a waste of time as far as I can see. 

Why spend your on line time doing parody tweets? Bizarre. Boo hiss parody accounts - even if you're THE UNIVERSE parody tweeter who responds to those who use the words 'the universe' in their tweets: What a jolly jape.

Galactus gets to grips with twitter
People I'd like to follow like, say, George Lucas or Nick Hornby have no twitter presence. Hello!! You're a writer Nick! Yes okay 140 characters is a tad limiting for someone of your genius but you couldn't even maintain an interesting blog. I don't get it. Bizarre. Still love Fever Pitch though.

People who I thought would have little time for twitter, like, say Steve Carell, actually do! The man's hilarious.

The other bit I find weird is the sheer volume of stuff being tweeted. It's a Galactus sized never ending stream of stuff and I've yet to figure out how to sift and find the time to read the good stuff. Must be a way. 

Fun though. Most definitely fun - so thanks again Toni for the not so gentle prodding to get reconnected.

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