Sunday, February 2, 2020

February made me shiver with every paper I'd deliver (Don McLean)

During February this year (a leap year means it's 29 days before March) I've decided to embrace Austin Kleon's idea of a 29 day challenge.

My challenge is to say a sincere thank you each day to someone at school (my two campuses or elsewhere) who has added positively to my existence on planet Earth.

My first one was to thank Karen Boyes and Meg Gallagher for the daily inspiration they provide via a Facebook group that Meg created.

The second was to our brilliant Year 3 and 4 teacher who brings joy and, via some exceptional teaching, quality learning experiences to her students on a daily basis.

Will you be my third?

Austin's PDF is up top. Feel free to do your own 29 day challenge (and LMK how it goes huh).

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