Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Woh, oh, what I want to know - will you come with me? (The Grateful Dead)

Dr Katie Novak
Day two from TechCrunch, a.k.a. ulearn and another doozy!

Attended a great workshop and a great keynote, had an okay gluten free lunch, chatted with Dr Ian Hunter PhD., and met some amazing people (young, vital, enthusiastic, energetic - that sort of thing) who are genuine in their desire to serve their students and communities. Humbling really.

Best keynote - well it was the only one today but Dr Katie Novak was wonderful. She spoke about the Universal Design for Learning programme that she works with in America. It provides flexible ways of presenting material to students, flexible options for student engagement and flexible methods of expression/assessment, and I am sold!

Best workshop/ best presenter - Sarah Wakeford from Hobsonville Point School was terrific. An energiser bunny on steroids. She spoke about the Big Project based learning that she oversees. Wonderful.

Best individual moment of the day - when Sarah's youtube links failed she reenacted them for us in hilarious fashion - way better than the originals I'm sure.

Best old friend meeting - Rachel Roberts (not the WH social scientist but the RR I knew from Stratford days) was a presenter at one of my scheduled breakouts. Great seeing her again. 

Lowpoints  - not winning the Schoology draw for the smart phone - means the Nokia gets a temporary reprieve. And the gluten free lunch wasn't that groovy!

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