Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Success comes from the inside out. In order to change what is on the outside, you must first change what is on the inside (Idowu Koyenikan)

Transformational leadership has been on my mind of late.

When I was engaged to provide Professional Development in Qatar and the UAE a few years back, I used a lot of material relating to Transformational Leadership.

I don't hear much about it now that I am an active practitioner again, working for OneSchool Global.

I think I know why.

First though, a brief reminder on what transformational leadership requires courtesy of Kristen Lisanti.
  • An awareness of the shifts underway in your world
  • A purposeful vision for what could be
  • A commitment to bring your vision into being
  • The creativity to leverage the shifts at play
  • The willingness to start with yourself
I suspect the reason I'm not overtly called upon to be a transformational leader in my organisation is that those first three bullet points are not really mine to control.

The vision comes to us from a global perspective. It is - to create a global education ecosystem that develops life-ready students who learn how to learn and achieve.

I believe in the vision and I am happy to promulgate it, but, unlike Principal's in a public school - I didn't create it. 

As a Campus Principal, I am aware of shifts underway in my campus, and, to a lesser degree, the shifts in NZ. But I am not that aware of global currents and trends to any great degree.

However, I am very willing to start with me. I am certainly aware of my shortcomings and very willing to learn better ways of doing things.

So, it's more about transforming myself, than it is about transforming my campus. I think. 

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