Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Everywhere I turn seems like everything I see reflects the love that used to be (The Supremes)

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Having just returned from a two day visit to Auckland for a series of meetings with my colleagues (we are called SELT - the Senior Educational Leadership Team), I'd have to say it was one of the most productive and enjoyable two SELT days I've spent for a long long time!

Not informational in format - more consultative, collaborative, and reflective with a solutions focused focus. Jolly hockey sticks!!

One activity was centred on some writing on Emotional Intelligence and subsequent self-reflection.

Here are my reflections on the emotional intelligence task we were asked to complete:

Like Gretchen Peters' work, Thomas Erikson has written a text on emotional intelligence called, very appropriately - Surrounded By Idiots.

When I did my self assessment of his four types - Analytical; Dominant; Stable; Inspiring, I was mainly in the Stable category.

That means I see myself as friendly, a team player, and, erm...stable.

I'm also partly analytical - so cautious, methodical and reflective. That fits with my Libran personality.

My boss did his survey of each of us and shared with me that he had me down for those two categories as well.

There are many of these types of personality tests around that aim to divide us up into bits (you'll find my responses to the Gretchen Peters' quiz if you search this blog).

They are all well and good, but I guess it's what we do with that self-knowledge (and knowledge of others) that really counts though right.

More reflections to follow...

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