Sunday, September 16, 2018

Mr Blue Sky, please tell us why (ELO)

Rocking the lanyard at Focus School (Kenley)

Lanyard land! 

In the nineties, while I was the Senior Housemaster at School House (Mt Albert Grammar), the trendy item for us blokes was a bum bag. Do you remember them?

Side bar: the current trend is for them to be worn diagonally over one shoulder but they still like geeky.

I digress. Lanyards are everywhere! All the staff have to wear one. But it's not restricted to our school, or even UK schools. They are everywhere! Everywhere I go - people are wearing lanyards. Literally.

Side bar #2 Not really, but then again - literally everyone says, 'literally' - and again, not really).

I'm struggling a little with the concept. It's not like anyone is looking at them (partly because they have the annoying habit of slipping over to a blank side - yes, I know, they should be two sided, but as I've mentioned - no one looks at them anyway).

What's the go? Are we all thinking we're medical practitioners or working in a nuclear facility with security needs paramount in our minds?

Clearly - I don't get it. 

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