Tuesday, September 29, 2015

You could follow me and lose your mind (James Taylor)

Five more things on a sunny but soggy Tuesday:

1 Kid President has some awesome ideas. Yes he does. Don't believe me? Ha ha ha - that was me laughing, nay scoffing... try these 100 great ideas on for size!

2 I use quizzes with my Home Room from this site (TriviaPlaza) a lot. It's pretty comprehensive. The kids love it (especially when I have chocolates as prizes).

3 Pretty sure I've posted on this but it's worth a revisit before I delete the bookmark. It's a detailed look at blended learning.

4 My love for Jerry Seinfeld has been well documented. His riding around in cars with other comedians is another genius move from a...genius! This entertaining expose will have you detouring off a number of times - I promise!

5 Leadership Freak is a...yup - Freak. He posts EVERY DAY!! Dude - even the big guy rested from time to time. I bookmarked this post on seven steps to new leadership. It's worth a look again before you delete my post.

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