Thursday, April 23, 2015

Living like a lusty flower (Elton John/ Bernie Taupin)

I usually enjoy reading the Leadership Freak blog by Dan Rockwell. He posts every day. Yes, my friends - every day! Quality can't help but vary when that's the way you roll.

Recently (I guess it was recently - I bookmark the more interesting ones and read them later), he listed ways to rise above self-affirming nonsense. 

I'm supposing he sees 'self-affirming nonsense' as the shallow advice we often give ourselves - like false flattery in a way (and I HATE false flattery with a passion!).

Among his ideas:

  1. Feed your spirit. Reconnect with purpose. Write a few sentences that describe the reason you came to work today. Circle the most important one.
  2. Define outcomes. What do you want to accomplish today?
  3. Imagine your best self. What are you doing when you’re being your best self. One reader said, “I’m my best self when I’m smiling and laughing.”
  4. Describe one key behavior that expresses your aspirational self. Who do you aspire to be in meetings, tough conversations, and while delegating or giving direction.
Quite cool.

Let's have a go at them:

  1. Generally, I came to work today to be inspired, to achieve some progress for my students; specifically, to organise some material on linguistics for my classes and begin planning for term 3's pastoral care sessions. Unfortunately I had to wear a sleep monitor last night which ultimately meant I didn't get much sleep so my spirit level is low - I am not full of my usual energy today and therefore my inspiration level is down a bit and I will probably not actually accomplish much today. Just saying.
  2. Aside from the stuff in #1, today (now 'yesterday' as far as you are concerned) I wanted to get through a few more of James Whatley's awesome posts ( - I'm catching up on the posts I've missed - currently I'm halfway through my counting down from post #120; watch some more Champions League football (trying to keep the results secure until I can get home).
  3. I'm my best self when I'm intrinsically motivated, when I am genuinely excited about and inspired by a new discovery (like UDL or Twitter or James Whatley's blog) or looking forward to a fresh challenge.
  4. One key behaviour that expresses my aspirational self - act like a leader and that means: act with integrity every single day; be skillful at my job; knowledgeable; calm; reflective; considered; fair. A tough aspirational list, but I like it!
These are good questions - your turn!

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