Sunday, October 9, 2011

Oh, my old man's an All Black, he wears the silver fern (Howard Morrison Quartet)

Yesterday (Sunday Roctober 9) was a pretty tough day. Loads of stress, shouting, banging on tables frustration, heated arguments and ultimately - relief.

Yes The All Blacks played Argentina in the quarter finals of the world cup and we were at work!!

In between visiting classrooms, meeting with the Principal and watching the English teachers doing their reading program I kept an eye on proceedings at Auckland's Eden Park. A place I know well.

A colleague sent me a link to a live stream of the game (bless him) and so the kiwi advisors clustered around computers or checked on the score as they came and went about their business.

The locals think we're mad (they checked out the images but all those men running around throwing a ball away from themselves confused them no end).

We'll do it all again next Sunday at work when the mighty All Blacks take on Australia at fortress Eden Park.

Go the ABs!!

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