Sunday, February 28, 2010

Watching my life, main attraction (Hard-Fi)

The two week break has come to an end and the first day back at work has been eventful. I've moved into the National Professional Standards team in Qatar that is training Principals via a PD program called 'Accredited School Leadership'. It's still a Cognition team and I'm lucky to have been another opportunity to help the Qatari leaders.

Sadly I've had to leave the Leadership Training team, superbly led by Colin. I had a terrific time with John Lambert et al but that contract ended before the break. That group continues in a different form and luckily I'll keep seeing them each Thursday at Al Khalij.

My new colleagues in this new team are Aussie Ian Smyth and Kiwi Andrea Ford (along with Denise and Julie as support staff) and we're at Regency Halls so I'm pleased at that continuity. Reem is also one of the translators which is great too.

I do miss my Qatari friends from the MOE group though and will aim to keep in contact with them via email.

Exciting times in Doha!

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