Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Please release me, let me go (Engelbert Humperdink)

The thank you celebrations took place t'other day with our would be principals at Regency Halls. They presented all of the Cognition people with gifts and praise for the course they've received. It was an emotional experience as they've been working closely with all of us for a long time. The end of this week also marks the end of my association with this group and with some members of the leadership team.

I've waxed lyrical about this bunch of Qatari leaders already but they really are a remarkable bunch of people who I've grown to love. Mmm - that's right - the l word. Clearly this post is going to be somewhat touchy feely - cos I'm also going to give some big ups to my colleagues John Lambert and Colin Donald. Without doubt, these two exceptional gentlemen would have been fantastic, inspirational Principals at their New Zealand schools. They have certainly given me a terrific leadership example since I've pitched up in Doha.

This post is, therefore, dedicated to them - my two bosses. Colin is in NZ for his break and John flies home to Kay this week. I'm posting this before he goes and before he eats humble pie after the Auckland Blues beat the Hurricanes on the weekend.

I've really lucked out because I have been able to see John Lambert working, up close and personal, over the last ten weeks. It's been a special experience that will live long in my memory. His sincerity, passion for the job, and love for the people he's teaching is clear for all to see. And they love him. And I mean really love him. He has earned their respect and that is no mean feat.

I've found him an inspirational presenter and I've learnt an awful lot from him. It's been a real privilege and I'll certainly remember John's words of wisdom and his singing voice, long after he's returned to New Zealand.

Me as padowan learner between the two kabeer zaeems (big bosses) - Colin is on
the left and John is on the right.

John shakes hands with the class' volleyball veteran.

The great man - always ready to help, always with a chuckle and a story (he's
been everywhere, man).

In his honour I present the following singalong. Why? Because John loves the microphone and at every opportunity he will break into his idiosyncratic version of the Humperdink favourite. It's a singalong so...sing along!

Please release me let me go
for I don't love you anymore
to waste our lives would be a sin
release me and let me love again.

I have found a new love dear
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and I will always want her near
her lips are warm while yours are cold
release me my Darling let me go.

Please release me can't you see
you'd be a fool to cling to me
to live a lie would bring us pain
release me and let me love again

Here's to John and Colin - as salam alaykum, alaykum as salam.

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