Wednesday, October 27, 2021

School is out at last And I'm so glad I passed (Ry Cooder)

Term 4 has arrived and that's usually a combination of the manic and a blur. Second week now of eight. And that's almost gone.

For the students, Term 4 is all about sitting exams. Especially so in the Year of Covid-19 disruptions. First some practice ones and then the external NCEA high stakes ones.

I'd like to put Mr Exam on trial.

All up students will be on exam leave for 27 out of the term's 38 days. 

So, of those 27 days some revision will be going on and maybe some learning but it will be more along the lines of how-do-I-get-prepared-for-passing-exams?

Funnily enough though - after leaving school there are no exams for our students. So we are, in effect, training them to do something they never have to do again.

Your witness...

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