Monday, February 15, 2021

It's easier to learn than your ABC's, so come on, come on, do the locomotion with me (Little Eva)

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Out of 16 New Zealand OneSchool Global campuses in 2020, the two campuses I am Principal of (Gisborne and Hastings combined) had the best NCEA pass rates.

Amazingly, 78% of our combined Year 11 to 13 students gained a merit or excellence pass.

That is some feat. All of the staff at my campuses have a share of that glory, as do zoom teachers from outside of my campuses.

We celebrated (briefly) and moved onward. We're motivated.

We want to do better in 2021. We're aiming for 79%! 

With the NZ wide change in resubmissions policy (only not achieved grades can gain a resub) that will be tricky. Not impossible, tricky.

How do we accomplish that?

James Clear has a brief guide to improvement. I love less-is-more!

Here 'tis:
1) Lots of research. Explore widely and see what is possible.

2) Lots of iterations. Focus on one thing, but do it in different ways. Refine your method.

3) Lots of repetitions. Stick with your method until it stops working.

Research. Iterate. Repeat.

I'm with him for 1) and most definitely for 2) and I'm not too sure about 3).

At the moment I'm all about one and two anyway, three can wait.

Part of the research phase is my own Teacher Inquiry into what motivates students. 

I'm currently at the thinking and design stage of this project.

I'll keep you updated.

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