Monday, October 12, 2020

I don’t look at the passport of people; I look at their quality and their attitude (Arsène Wenger)

If you're looking for a leader to learn from, may I suggest you consider A
rsène Wenger, the former manager of Arsenal F.C. for 22 years.

He has a new book out (today in fact) that I can't wait to read, and learn from.

Yes, I am an Arsenal fan, but I am also a leader and if I want to improve (and I do) then I need to learn from the best.

This Guardian article is a good place to start. It features a terrific interview with Wenger, the questions coming from a wide range of celebrities, including a certain Chelsea and now Spurs manager.

But I still want that book!

It's called My Life In Red and White. Brilliant title. I need a copy. Fast!

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