Thursday, July 2, 2020

Moving on keep moving on-yeah, moving at one million miles an hour Frankie Goes To Hollywood)

Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

Watching teenagers' working habits in our Learning Centre is always fascinating.

Some get easily distracted, others can work through the interruptions.

A US study once found that students are distracted more than quarter of the time (so in an hour long LC study they are distracted for more than 15 minutes on average).

That's been noticeable since the return from lockdown but I guess there were equal distractions at home during the day that we weren't able to see or monitor.

My other thought is - so what. 

Adults get distracted as well - probably for the same amount of time. I know I struggle to maintain focus for long periods of time. 

Certainly on zoom meetings my mind wanders, I check my watch and look for distractions if I'm not fully engaged.

My point? The next time students get distracted - be empathetic and kind and remember how we'd react.

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