Saturday, May 9, 2020

All things are ready, if our minds be so (Henry V)

Work this past week has been at the campus and I've been a lot happier.

Seems I'm not alone. Although most of the staff continue to work happily from home, we few, we happy few, we band of brothers, have pitched up at school to find the return to proper boundaries makes us feel good.

We'll remember with advantages what feats we did that day, then shall our names, familiar in the mouth as household words Purdzilla the Principal, Walding and Cooper, Te Pou and Smith, be in their flowing cups freshly remember'd.

We've been busy too, with only 6 students it would seem an easier life but whether 6 or 160, duty and online teaching combined with classroom supervisions have made the days go quickly!

Hopefully, NZ progresses to Level 2 of the Lockdown in the coming week and we happy few will be joined by the whole rock steady crew and they can share in the honour and say from this day to the ending of the world, but we in it shall be remember'd.

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