Sunday, March 1, 2020

Hello hooray - let the show begin I've been ready (Alice Cooper)

Photo by Gary Bendig on Unsplash
OneSchool Global NZ is a pretty complicated organisation. 

There are 17 campuses from Keri Keri (the northern-most) down to Invercargill (the southern-most) and for convenience's sake these campuses can be split into three broad regions: north, central, and south (all the South Island).

On the next three successive Wednesdays, students and their relevant Virtual Classroom teachers will journey to a representative campus to meet each other (northern students to Auckland, central to Palmerston North and south to Christchurch).

My two campuses, Hawke's Bay and Gisborne, go to Palmy on the 11th of March.

Although it hasn't been overtly stated, I believe the aims of this event were summed up by Jennifer Gonzalez, writing about how to motivate students in her blog, Cult of Pedagogy.

Put simply - students are more motivated academically when they have a positive relationship with their teacher.

Part of that positive relationship is the students feeling that they are valued by their teachers. They certainly should feel that on those days as their VC teachers are travelling to them from those 17 campuses.

All up then, this is a worthwhile and important couple of days, and I am exceedlingly glad that someone made their suggestion (I'm reading a lot of Dickens at the moment and I fear he is rubbing off on me in a multitude of ways).

Anyway: hurrah for this OneSchool Global initiative!

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