Thursday, July 19, 2018

Trust your feelings Luke (Obi Wan Kenobi)

The end of the middle of the end: now it's down to only a couple of weeks before leaving my current school.

The beginning was the last few weeks of Term 2, the middle has been the two week term break about to be concluded. The end will be the first few weeks of Term 3.

Two and a half weeks will go fast, particularly as an interim Principal has been assigned and will be shadowing me after week one.

An interesting concept, one I've not experienced before.

It should be interesting for us both. I don't plan on doing anything different during that time - he'll have to accept my version of Principalship as it is, and, for my staff's sake, I'm hoping his style will be compatible with that.

If not, they (staff and students and parents) may be in for a bumpy ride for the rest of the term. Then of course, they will all need to adjust to a new permanent Principal in Term 4.

None of this fills me with joy. Nothing about it is ideal. Because the English academic year starts in September, it's a necessary true fact: I need to be in England half way through NZ's year 😟

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