Saturday, April 16, 2016

Betcha by golly, wow (The Stylistics)

Speculating on the future of education is endlessly entertaining so I am usually drawn to articles on what it will look like.

Some appear way off, while others have a ring of truth and hopeful possibility about them.

It's kinda amazing that while many people see a world beyond our current one (after all, there are many innovators in education - we're creative people by and large) we STILL lag beyond the world as it evolves.

I really enjoyed an article from Terry Heick in TeachThought (yes that trendy joined up thing again). It was a notable entry in the growing list of visionary articles.

His was titled 12 things that will disappear from classrooms in the next twelve years, and it made for a great read.

I was perusing it at school at my work space in the staff room and, annoyingly, I couldn't help reading a few out aloud to my colleague, Jo.

I was hooked by the first one - Whole Class Instruction/Direct Instruction when he says, "In what universe does standing up in front of 30 people to “teach” something make any sense?"

Recently we finally came to the end of an epic eleven week term and I can't recall many lessons with my senior classes when I gave whole class instruction.

I feel good about that!

Have a look at Terry's other ones and see how many you can tick off (my score was 10 of the 12, just saying).

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