Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Only way to feel the noise is when it's good and loud (Motorhead)

Schools went back to work in the UK this week. Hopefully that means it will be a little less frenetic on the nation's high streets for the rest of our London holiday (which helps explain why this post is a tad late this week).

That said - here are five more cool things from my bookmarks:

1 Your next book

This place suggests your next book for you. For instance My Murakami search revealed Rhys Thomas and Graeme Simsion.

2 Transformers
Richard Wells watched a pile of TED talks and came up with this nifty list of five things that transform a school.

3 New Year mayhem
This is a good example of how people see things differently. And people are blimmin clever when they do! Another great story from The Guardian.

4 Sir Ken Robinson
Creativity is an important word/concept that Sir ken returns to often.  

5 Presentation lessons from Steve Jobs
Finally this week - some nifty lessons to learn from Apple presentations.

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