Sunday, December 20, 2015

Well we got no class (Alice Cooper)

School is out for the Christmas break in the U.K.

They finished on Friday and so students flooded the high streets of the land.

As they did so I once again wondered why the hell the Brits bother with a uniform for their under 16 age secondary school students. A level students tend to be in mufti which is also bizarre given the unbending desire for the formal uniform below them.

Bizarrely the school authorities persist with trying to get students to wear a 'smart' uniform of white shirts/ ties/ blazers. Laudable but, long ago, doomed to failure.

What actually happens is an appalling dog's breakfast of: shirts out; ties askew; super short, short short skirts; every kind of shoe under the murky British sun; hoodies; caps; beanies; buttons undone; and ill fitting blazers.

I really don't know why they haven't sorted this by now by dispensing with the pretense and going for a uniform that makes more practical sense in the 21st century.

I guess they just don't care enough to think about it. 

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