Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The crazy gypsy in my soul (Billy Joel)

Sayonara seniors!

Today was the day our seniors went on study leave before their external examinations start next week.

Always bitter sweet saying farewells. All year they've felt like my students and then I have to kind of abandon them to the vagaries of the exam process (fingers crossed they get a good question to answer) - I sense that a lot of them would like my reassurances while they do their answers!

There has been some debate in my corner of the staff work room this week on the usefulness of exams.

Two extreme camps emerged:

  • Ditch them! They are outmoded and unnecessary in today's enlightened progressive educational climate.
  • Crank them up! If we value them - do more of them and be more rigid with conditioning students to sit exams.
Guess which camp I'm in!

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