Monday, October 19, 2015

I don't know where my home is (Nelly Furtado)

Another 5 things that are hovering in my bookmarks, all forlorn and unloved. Time for them to be brought out into the light:

1 Common sense media
As I've mentioned a few times already - one of my spectacular children works for this San Francisco based company. Even if she didn't, I'd love Common Sense Media.

This article is about how the company advocates for students at a political level. 

I'm a fan but it's always good to know about other, more negative views about SAMR.

3 Email inbox stuffed full?
I've tried but I can't seem to keep on top on my inbox. Time to reread this piece I think.

4 Blendspace
I'll hang onto this one in the bookmarks - project based learning is something I'd like to develop and TES always provides sensible solutions. Really!

5 Leadership freak on being blinded by experience
Ditto - I need to return to this wisdom whenever I start doing the old - 'I know best' routine (doesn't happen often I hasten to add).

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