Saturday, May 9, 2015

Is this a game you're playing? (Judie Tzuke)

10 Must-Know Career Skills, actually to quote the magazine headline properly =10 MUST-KNOW CAREER SKILLS.

Before getting a recent hair cut (Urban Attitude Hastings - Cheryl is an ace cutter!), I spied this attention grabber on an old cover of M2 - a New Zealand magazine for men.

Apparently it's been going for ten years but this is the first time I've come across it - not usually my scene jelly bean!

In the old days I'd have ripped the page out of the magazine, these days even a hair cut place has a photocopier. Cheryl's mum did the business for me. Thanks Glenys.

So - here they are, the 10 must-know career skills.

  1. Constantly adapt to technology
  2. Embrace diversity
  3. Be a life-long learner
  4. Practice impeccable integrity
  5. Be a self-starter
  6. Demonstrate personal discipline
  7. Prioritise and evaluate daily
  8. Be adaptable
  9. Think creatively and innovatively
  10. Have the 'can-do' attitude.

I like this list. I like that integrity is in there, and being adaptable is there a few times. Two things that are very important to me. I like that creativity is valued and life long learning. 

My first thought on reading these ten was how my students should know about them from the get go, but it's impossible not to read a list like this and apply it to yourself as well. I ticked boxes (hey - gotta back yourself). 

How did you do?

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