Friday, January 9, 2015

Read 'em 'n weep was her adjustable slogan (Frank Zappa)

Given teachers in NZ are currently luxuriating in a well deserved summer holiday I don't feel the urge for heavy posts about education at present - had enough plum pudding and Christmas mince tarts to last me a while. 

I don't even have much of a hankering for checking all the edu-news that comes my way via emails and The Walrus Gumboot (as much as I love The Walrus Gumboot).

So - here's something fun from YouTube which has, on the surface, NOTHING to do with education - but UNDERNEATH there's a whole lotta stuff going on (I'm picking).

As a teacher, for instance, like Jimmy: 

  • We need to prepare well so as to appear confident
  • Teachers need to be extroverts and perform in a classroom
  • Teachers need to have confidence (comes with practice)
  • We need to know that it's often hit or miss - sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't
  • We must recognise our limitations
  • We have a limited time frame to get our message across
  • Once it's done - take a bow, put it aside and move onto the next lesson

Enjoy this from Jimmy Fallon

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