Thursday, March 6, 2014

Even the cover looked like Catcher In The Rye (Jerry Maguire)

My report into the 2013 English department results and so on is done. I aimed to meet the March 7 deadline and that's been accomplished.

It clocked in at 33 pages in the end which I'm picking may be a record! It certainly is for me (see my last post for the less-is-more rant).

The actual writing and researching of the report has been a positive (albeit exhausting) experience for me in that I know have a much firmer grasp on the department's strengths and weakness. But not only that. I now know stuff. More stuff.

Luckily Jacky had a number of evening duties over the last couple of weeks so I was able to sped some long hours writing those 33 pages.

I have to do a board report in person later in the year (I did one at the end of last year as well) and I now feel on much firmer ground making generalisations about stuff. Confidence in this case comes from living the job and experiencing the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.

I am mos def a visual guy. This is not news to me. I find it really difficult to read tables so I need to create graphs from the information to draw trends and inferences. I guess it's more of that Occam's razor principle.

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