Sunday, March 4, 2012

I don't need to fight, to prove I'm right, I don't need to be forgiven (The Who)

I continue to be inspired by an address I heard at the International Confederation of Principals in Edinburgh 2003.

It was an address about Inspirational Leadership and it used Henry V to make its points.
I was cleaning up my files in preparation for my return to NZ at the end of March and I found my notes to this address.

Reading through them I found myself inspired again. I loved the connection between school leadership and Henry V (my favourite Shakespeare character in my favourite Shakespeare play). My notes from 2003 say – ‘can do this with other figures/stories – Luke Skywalker’.

So I thought I'd have a go and do a little chart to indicate the links.
§  How to sell a vision: authentic performance in presentation  S

The epic journey
Henry V
Luke Skywalker
The call to imagination

The chorus (a single narrator) says. ‘IMAGINE’
The sound and picture says, ‘SUSPEND YOUR DISBELIEF’
Act I
Assessing the past and
visioning the future

Henry lays out his vision for gaining the French crown
 In Star Wars, Luke comes to terms with the death of his family on Tattoine and accepts his destiny –  to become a Jedi and defeat the Empire.
Act II
Identifying inner personal resources and inner ‘traitors’
The preparation for the French campaign, dealing with traitors and critics. Gaining a critical mass of support
Luke battles his inner demons in his training with Yoda in The Empire Strikes Back
Act III:
Overcoming first blocks to success

The battle for Harfleur – Once more unto the breach, dear friends…
The capture of Han and Leia is overcome
Act IV
Crisis management - the dark night of the soul and inspiring the troops
Henry incognito visits and then inspires the troops before the battle
Luke strives to control his anger/hate in the face of the Emperor’s provocation in Return of the Jedi
Act V
Achieving the vision and turning the battlefield into a garden

The Battle of Agincourt followed by the wooing of Catherine of Valois
Luke rescues/redeems his father and defeats the Emperor in Return of the Jedi

 I want to explore the vision aspect, Act 1 from the chart, in the next post.

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