Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Purple words on a grey background (Neil Young)

The teachers at school are being appraised at the moment, except that they aren’t.

The appraisal word has been banned. That was so last year.

The current term is an unequivocal ‘Evaluation’. I think there would be an uproar if my company used the term ‘evaluation’, and yet that is the term the Abu Dhabi Education Counsel (ADEC) has refreshingly used. Refreshingly? You betcha!

It’s interesting that the current term used by Cognition, ‘Performance and Development’, tries to have the traditional bob each way.

Am I being evaluated on my (past) performance? Well yes, I am.

Am I a work in progress that needs some (future) help to develop? Yes - that too (except I have no future beyond my contract end date of July with my employing company so it’s really just an evaluation but it’s not called that).  

The perennial attempts at making employees accountable have always tied the two things together and the ampersand has thus become invisible.

As F.R Levin (Boston College, Faculty of Education) says,
The problem is that this melding of "development" and "evaluation" has gone on for so long that it has become "devaluation". In many places, neither the development nor the assessment is being done with much success. Development has become a list of issues that the developer/knower thinks they know more about than the developee/knowee. The problem here is that in many cases they don't.   
His advice is to ‘separate out the roles of development and accountability…We have to stop pretending that they are the same thing’.

Well someone in ADEC must have been listening.

The next month will be a busy time as interim app…sorry – evaluation forms are filled out and discussions take place with the teachers about their ratings.

There are four standards: The Profession; The Curriculum; The Classroom; The Community.

Each standard has a number of components that are rated on a five point scale from Pre-Foundation to Accomplished.

Gentleman – start your engines!

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