Thursday, December 30, 2021

The system needs us, but it's trying to mislead us (Curtis Mayfield)

I'm off on my learning journey

Ten buzzwords to look out for and avoid like the, erm, covid-19 (courtesy of Dan Rockwell's blogpost):

  • New normal. (No comment.)
  • Synergy. If you plan to work together say, “We’re working together.
  • Circle back. The translation of, “Let’s circle back on this,” is, I don’t want to talk about this, and I don’t plan to.
  • Take this offline. Give me a break. We do everything online.  
  • Pivot. How important do we have to sound?Even Friends made fun of it! The word is 'change' or 'adjust'
  • Unprecedented. Nothing is unprecedented. Compared to the Spanish Flu, Covid is precedented.
  • Think outside the box. Anyone who says, “Think outside the box,” isn’t groovy.
  • Bandwidth. I don’t have enough bandwidth. You’d have more bandwidth if you stopped using stupid words.
  • Deep Dive. I’ve used several of the expressions on this list. Thankfully, I haven’t stooped so low as to take a Deep Dive into ridiculous buzzwords.
  • Thought leader. This one is a cousin to influencer.  
To his list of 10, I'd like to add another eight and a bonus ninth:
  • Game-changer - at the moment it's being applied to successive covid-19 variants - people getting sick and dying isn't a game.
  • Move the dial - the object is to improve, right?
  • Fake it till you make it and its cousin - build the plane while flying it - I'd rather not please - I'm a nervous flyer as it is. I want my pilot to be very skilled and experienced, and I want a plane that is fit for purpose.
  • Learning curve and learning journey - we're a bunch of new hobos getting on freight trains?
  • Rolling out - why? 'Implement' gets the job done.
  • Above my pay grade - cop out.
  • And a bonus one - a hardy perennial - Going forward - what are we? Sharks? Try 'in the future' or 'from now on' - same or fewer number of syllables.

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