Saturday, May 1, 2021

One day at a time is good for you (John Lennon)

Dave Hoefler on Unsplash

New starts are just around the corner.

Term 2 begins tomorrow and we'll be without a couple of key staff members for a while this term. That means employing relievers for some time before help arrives.

One of those staff members will be starting her new job tomorrow and that's often an unsettling time.

Around week 4 of this approaching term we'll be back to near full strength with the introduction of two new staff members.

Again, an unsettling time for them and the campus as they and we adjust.

I have just opened up George Couros' newsletter in my emails and he has this to say:

Regret often comes in the things that you don't do.  

Change, even positive change, can be incredibly hard, but focusing on that "better" one day at a time can lead to something truly great. 

The only way to make the future better is by making the most out of the present moment.

That's a great thought to start the new term with and I agree with him - one day at a time, and focusing on that day to get the most out of it are the ways forward for those staff members who have left or are arriving and for us at the campus dealing with the gap.

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