Friday, April 23, 2021

Only you know and I know all the lovin' we've got to show, so don't refuse to believe it by reading too many meanings (Dave Mason)

Last term, a colleague gave me a copy of Gretchen Rubin's The Four Tendencies to read. Thanks Lisa!

Rubin's idea is that we all tend towards one of four personality profiles (or at least - one or two are dominant).

She has a quiz in the book to help readers identify their tendency. Or her website has the quiz if you are interested.

Upholder was my tendency (with lesser interlocking tendencies in Questioner and Obliger). I have no Rebel tendencies whatsoever! Shock horror probe!!!

According to Gretchen: As an Upholder, I am self-directed and self-motivated so I can easily stick to a schedule, meet deadlines, and take initiative without much supervision.

I love understanding and following the rules and do well in situations where the rules and expectations are clearly laid out.

I am conscientious, reliable, and thorough. You can always count on me to deliver as planned.

I hate to make mistakes or do things wrong and because of that, I may become angry or defensive at the suggestion that I’ve dropped the ball or made a mistake. I often feel the need to explain my mistakes.

Because I enjoy and thrive in routine, structure, and clear expectations, I may have trouble adjusting to a break in routine, sudden scheduling changes, or ambiguous expectations.

Pretty accurate generalisations I'm thinking.

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