Saturday, May 5, 2018

Five perfect storm requirements needed for Self-Directed Learning to go gang busters!

Photo by Dan Gold on Unsplash
Self-Directed Learning is what we are about at Westmount School. Old news. But what conditions need to exist to improve S-DL?

Great question. Here's my response!

  • Environment (personalised places/conditions to do it)
  • Learning goals (set by the student and owned!)
  • Choice (what to study and when to study)
  • Self-reflection (How am I doing? What needs to change?)
  • Support: Learning coaches (help is on the way)
BTW: Those last two are linked. Self-reflection is tough for kids and that's why a coach is a crucial ingredient.

My take on this (and it is mine - go ahead and Google 'What conditions need to exist to improve Self-Directed Learning' and see how you get on!) is that, as educators, we can work wonders when these five conditions intersect.

If even one of the five elements is missing - you end up with something that is less than successful. Think about each one. Are any expendable? Disposable? Didn't think so.

Recipe for success? You bet!

Stir well. Allow to simmer. Watch the results unfold over a lifetime!

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