Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Mr Blue Sky, please tell us why (ELO)

Sun is shining, a blue sky day, and stinking hot!

Must be a NZ school day in February!

Time to get cool with some sites (see what I did there?).

1 It's okay to date new technology, don't marry it.
A snappy title will go a long way huh! This article had one and was a friendly overview of tech trends in education. 

2 Innovation 1
We now have a Director of Innovation at Woodford House - the wonderful Toni! I applaud that idea - which is an innovation all on its own. Toni and I are fans of Hobsonville Point - a school with stacks of ideas. Clare Amos at that school is a driver of ideas and this little taster is pretty darn cool.

3 Innovation 2
Apparently you can teach innovation! Not only that - there are ten ways to do it! Wahoo!!

4 The bus
Not to be outdone, Leadership Freak comes up with 12 ways to rise after being thrown under a bus (not literally).

5 A cranky question
I love this question - are we too busy schooling? I also love that the writer admits to being a bit cranky - there's nothing wrong with a bit of crankiness from time to time.

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