Thursday, June 18, 2015

Greater than the tread of mighty armies is an idea whose time has come (Victor Hugo)

Just before leaving Richard Branson's  The Virgin Way for good - this little gem seemed worth repeating.

Richard mentions his enjoyment of Ernest Hemingway's crisp punchy writing style and along the way Hemingway's six word short story.

I'd never come across this. Surprising given my less is more devotion.

"A six word short story huh", you scoff. No way!

So here it is: 'For sale, baby shoes, never used'.

Amazing right.

Richard uses this example as a lead in to his dislike of mission statements. He's a man after my own heart.

His idea? If you MUST have a mission statement - strip it to the core. Restrict it to under 10 words!! 

This is great. He also mentions power points - use 2 slides, not 32.


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