Wednesday, March 18, 2015

We live in a wheel where everyone steals but when we rise it's like strawberry fields (Bush)

I read this from the Mind/Shift (How we will learn) blog, punched the air and uttered a triumphant 'YES'!!  
Are we empowering ourselves as teachers? In this day and age, change is peer-driven and crowd-sourced. Teachers need to see themselves as the leaders of change, not the tools of Superintendents or Departments of Education. This requires disruption on two levels. Conversations among teachers must range far beyond ordering new textbooks, deciding on a curriculum, or reviewing the tardy policy. Traditional structures, such as department meetings and grade-level teams, encourage this limited agenda. Professional Learning Networks offer a great structure, but must be energized by conversations oriented toward a meta-cognitive view of the organization rather than rearranging deck chairs. And, to make the collaboration deep and meaningful, the conversation must become more personal. Every teacher should be willing to share hopes and fears, examine biases, and reveal attitudes. This is the kind of ‘open space’ that develops the necessary momentum for shifting systems by linking people emotionally to a common mission.
Wow. This is bang on and I love it.

Disruption on two levels - ditch the hard focus on the mundane and traditional structures; shift to core business discussions. 

At the moment, for us, that is how to better use Schoology, BYOD, SAMR, to explore inquiry methods for the students. 

It also means continue our vertical push away from grade level teams.

Yeah baby! Awesome potential for great change (and change that is great)!!

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