Saturday, September 27, 2014

Long you live and high you fly (Pink Floyd)

A banana update

I am balanced on the ladder, hand on the banana. I'm close; I can almost taste it.

I may have struck upon the right method to secure those bananas that I started writing about in March.

Slow and steady is the answer. It's been an eight month effort so far but I sense the school will be moving to a vertical pastoral care system for next year. Not only that - the vertical forms will be within the House structure.

The whole bunch of bananas is safe though, as I suspect the horizontal deaning structure will remain in place for a year to make for a successful transition. I was shooting for the whole bunch - vertical, House, House deans in a fully vertical structure.

I'm happy if this transpires though because, personally, I think this is one of those times where it is easier done than said.

This was one of Olander/Ahmed's seven new laws for a world gone digital.

Basically 'it is easier done than said' means - get going and then get better or 'do and learn, don't wait and see'.

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