Thursday, May 8, 2014

Spread the word around, tell everybody the news (Headband)

A person, whose judgement I value, thought my last post was a tad grumpy. Hmm - that wasn't exactly my intention. I forget sometimes that tone is always a tricky thing on the printed page. But - point taken.

I aim to be positive, rather than cynical or grumpy, and I do have a genuine interest in the concept of organisational culture. 

I do like the idea of an inquiry method and I want to enter into the spirit of the thing with the hope that I can unpack some positive outcomes which can be rolled out going forward. I do have some skin in the game after all. And there's bananas still hanging about.

Ahem. Can't help myself can I.

As I promised - here's the blueprint to my impending look at the school's organisational culture:

General area of interest:
The organisational culture within the school
Specific questions for deeper understanding:
What does concept of ‘organisational culture’ mean?
What are the key ingredients of organisational culture?
What is the current organisational culture?
What does it align with?
What are the school’s core values, philosophy, ideology?
How does the organisational culture reflect these core values?

Links to appraisal goals or RTC if relevant to inquiry
Staff inquiry of the school’s organisational culture  

Pathways for collection of information?
A literature search
A survey of staff and students (and parents if possible)
A focus group made up of staff and students (and parents if possible)

After intro session what do you want to have done before the 1st PLG?
Literature search to answer as many of my research questions as possible.

On completion of 1st PLG
Goal for 3rd  PLG
Completion of survey

On completion of 4th PLG
Goal for 5th PLG
Focus group completed
Recommendations/ Action plan for 2015

Key points for report:
A summary of findings and a proposed action plan for 2015.

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