Thursday, January 30, 2014

You have brains in your head, you have feet in your shoes, you can steer yourself in any direction you choose (Dr Seuss)

Suddenly the excitement of being back at school comes to life with the friendly welcomes from the girls. Just the seniors this week but as I have three senior classes (out of four) that's a big deal for me.

It is SOOO much better starting a school at the start of a year. I've only twice not done that: Waimea College in 1990 and Woodford House in 2013.  It was a struggle both times and both times I felt off balance for the rest of the year. I know - cry me a river.

The thing is - at the start of the year you get all that valuable info and everyone is starting from the same position of ignorance and learning together. Starting in term 2 last year was tough as the girls had already bonded in term 1 with their form teacher. I know - cry me a river.

This year the form class feels more natural, more mine. It helps a lot that I know many of the students from last year through teaching them or being their football coach or something else.

The other thing I love about being back at school is the sense of belonging that I get from the staffroom. It's so much fun being back in the staffroom and reacquainting with my wild and wacky colleagues. 

Unlike George Costanza, below, my worlds don't collide - there's private Wozza World with Jacky in Otane and then there's Working Wozza World at Woodford House with all these other characters combining to make some of the Wozza Show cast.

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