Sunday, December 11, 2011

Monsters! Dying! By axes! Bleeding in the burning light! (Dream Evil)

Professional Learning and Development (PLD) appears to be the new fancy way of saying Professional Development (PD).

Don't ask me why we needed to overthink this and add learning to the title - maybe we weren't learning anything while we were being developed before. Who knows?

That’s a rhetorical question by the way.

Here’s some more:
  1. Why do we do PLD?
  2. What does it look like?
  3. What impact does it have?
  4. And – How do we know?
Actually I lied – these ones aren’t rhetorical at all. They are monsters to be slain by axes!

I’m going to have a go at answering them. My success criteria is to do so without overthinking it and without being too glib and hip (to the jive daddio). I'm going to leave them bleeding in the burning light!

Yes - I know, it's a tough job but somebody's gotta do it.

Less is more.

Here are my answers:
  1. No brainer - because learning is intrinsically good for us.
  2. It looks like this, according to me  –

     3. It improves teaching practice and results in improved student learning.
     4. And we know this because our teacher observations indicate improved teaching and  
         examination results indicate improvements in learning.


I love my job.

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