Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Teacher tube

If you have any doubt that teaching in the 2000s has changed you may like to visit Teacher Tube on my links list. During a break in a recent Sheilah Winn Shakespeare competition held at my school (see my other blog - http://shakespearesociety.blogspot.com for details of that event) I went to check out some of the most viewed videos. Try this one by a rapping mathematics teacher - yes you read that right!

Now I don't know about you (unless you tell me) but none of my mathematics teachers at Mt Albert Grammar School between 1971 and 1976 made mathematics fun like this (sorry bout that guys but even if you had access to the internet you would not have done this). I haven't included the comments from students and teachers who have used this video but they obviously like it/use it/learn from it. Andrew Douch in my last posting uses podcasts that his students download onto their ipods. Many students testified that they listen to his podcasts while travelling to and from school on buses/trains and even listen at night in bed. In the words of Bob Dylan - 'something is happening but you don't know what it is'.

Here's another teacher tube video:

I've been meaning to put this on my blog for ages. Apart from it being a great song, I love the way it 'explains' each of Billy Joel's references.

I need to explore teacher tube a bit more - it doesn't impress me that much but you can find one or two gems if you look hard.

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