Thursday, December 11, 2008

New names for areas of the school

I am keen to continue renaming various areas of the school after former pupils, staff or principals who are a distinguished reminder of our past. This consultation document is going to the school community for feedback.

Some areas have existing names (or have had in the past):
The Trimble library
Cleland - music, languages
Te Amorangi – Te reo
Shakespeare Suite – drama
William Pickering Lab (B1)
Kathleen Curtis Lab (B2)
Maurice Wilkins Lab (B3)

Some previous Principals and Board Chairs have been honoured via House names: Trimble, Amess, McAllister, Tyrer

These are the areas that need new names. Please consider the following suggestions for names and feel free to add any others that you consider worthy.

Area (subjects) suggestions
A (technology) Rawlinson (13 years HOD tech)
B (English, social sciences, science labs) Bowler (old boy, French, 4 decades); Nixon (science, long standing DP); Robinson (22 years, HOD English); Johnson (40 years service, science); Martin (25 years service)
C (mathematics, computing) Caldwell (maths, 25 years plus service)
T (supported learning, health) Knight (30 years service, senior mistress)
Syme (scholar)

Administration White (former Principal); Chadwick (former Principal)
Hall Habershon Hall (former Principal)
Stadium Smith (All Black 1967, 1969, 1970); Urbahn (All Black 1959-60); Watts (All Black 1979-80); Allen (All Black )
R1 (special needs) (From above names)
B4 (science lab) ?

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