Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Teen Parent Unit and Early Childhood Education

A few weeks ago I went to Masterton's Makoura College to see Wairarapa's Teen Parent Unit (TPU) and Early Childhood Education (ECE) centre with Raewyn Rooney (BOT member) and Tracey Burnell (one of our TPU teachers). Malcolm Harding (Headteacher of our TPU) joined us as well.

Our reason for going there was to see a purpose built facility on school grounds, which is, of course, what we will be aiming to complete in 2009. While there I was most impressed with the efficient way the two co-existed thanks to Rae (TPU) and Wendy (ECE), with the facilities that were opened in 2005, and with the purposeful way the girls were going about their studies. The girls we chatted with were very confident, intelligent, mature young women and it was a pleasure to be in their company (just like 'our' girls).

Our plans for uniting our existing facilities on the school site are taking shape thanks to the dedication of Mrs Rooney and Darryn from the Ministry of Education. Like Wairarapa we will be using Signature Homes' modular designs. Our TPU and ECE will both be positioned on the southern side of the sports stadium and we hope to be in these building before term three, 2009. In the meantime enjoy these snaps from our visit.

The first two are the inside of the teen parents' room (from two different directions)
Basically it's one large room with a kitchen and dining area at one end and computer pod at the the opposite end. The girls have their work stations in the middle of the room. It's new looking, brightly decorated and very welcoming.

The ECE pictures show a fantastic outdoor area for the children. A sandpit and fort were the standouts.

A large deck separates the outdoor play area from inside where the children are in over twos and under twos areas.

The two pictures above are of the over twos area. It was a privilege to visit the centre and talk with the staff there. My thanks to them for being so generous with their time.

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