Thursday, August 21, 2008

Newsletter for September (Buildings!)

Kia ora koutou katoa - This is an exciting time in the school for property issues as we are currently planning to embark on a number of building projects. In order or priority they are:
Demolition of T1 (a large space in the old technology block that has been deemed beyond our entitlement by the Ministry of Education); refit of the rest of T block; refit of A block. In reality these last two items are a combined project. After these projects we will be concentrating on improving the adminsitration block, the road frontage and further improvements around the school as per our property plan.

Also being planned is a purpose built facility for the Teen Parent Unit and an early childhood centre on the school site (beside our stadium). This has been many years in the offing but it looks as if it will soon become a reality.

Our architects, Ardern and Peters, are currently working with the staff to develop plans for both T and A blocks, and to design a modern administration area and the Teen Parent Unit facility.

The demotion of T1 has started already with Pretty and Webb the successful company engaged to complete the work. Various sub-contractors have been engaged to attend to asbestos removal from pipes under T1, water, and electrician work. The Board of Trustees has worked hard to ensure that all work complies with health and safety requirements.

I am always staggered by the amount of talent in the school in so many fields. The Central Rugby Club teams, our netball teams, boys and girls' soccer, the hockey teams and basketball teams have all performed with distinction this year. Many of our students take advantage of the TSSSA sports activities as well in their busy lives. Our Kapa Haka group recently had a very successful workshop and performance day at Eltham Primary and the recent art exhibitions and auctions at Percy Thompson Gallery have also showcased the outstanding talent that is within the school. My thanks to all the parents, staff and students who coach, manager, support and participate in all of the sports and cultural activities that happen over the winter months. You've done a superb job.