Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Open Evening

Our school's open evening was extremely well attended this year with large numbers of parents and year 8 students visiting us to find out about the exciting opportunities we offer our students.

The head students, Maggie and James explained about the sporting and cultural activities on offer, Deputy Principal Maria Potter outlined the goal setting programme that we call Poutama (stairway to success)and the graduation programme that students undertake in years 9 and 10. Mrs Butler the guidance counsellor explained her role with welcoming new year 9 students to the Stratford whanau. Unfortunately the Board chair (Pete Theron) and the PTA chair (Frosty Theron) were unable to attend but we welcome any and all interest in the PTA (just add a comment and we'll be in contact).

Here are a selection of photos from the night:

The school uniform was also on display thanks to 'Off The Cuff' - the school's sole uniform supplier (on the Broadway in Stratford).

Please feel free to leave a comment or contact the school if you have any further questions about our great school.

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